12 Month Development Programme

The programme is a bespoke coaching programme tailored to your individual needs. The programme aims to develop your skills and knowledge through coaching and mentoring. The work that will be carried out between you and your coach will enhance you as a leader and improve the condition of your business simultaneously.

    Our goal is for you and your business to flourish and grow together.

    The first part of the programme is to learn all about you and your personal and business goals. After the initial meeting, your coach will start the process of learning everything about your organisation so the programme can be tailored for the maximum individual and business benefit.

    Bespoke items can also be added or covered in more depth as required by the individual and the needs of their business.

    More Information
    • Strategic goal setting and business planning
    • Leadership development
    • Conflict management
    • Company mission, vision, and values
    • Corporate governance
    • Financial planning
    • The coaching mindset
    • Strategic planning
    • Change management
    • Risk management
    • Succession planning
    • Business continuity management
    • Marketing your business and website development
    • Developing culture
    • Operational process improvement
    • Tracking business performance