Business Transformation

Business transformation can have a strategic scope and a longer-term shift in the focus of products or services. The transformation may be required due to changes in the macro environment, product obsolescence or the need for digital transformation.

Change management is often the methodology that is used to facilitate the change from one state to another by individuals or teams with expertise.

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Business transformation is an overarching phrase for organisational change programmes where strategic goals or plans are adapted to meet new requirements.

Business transformation is also used interchangeably with the term change management. However, business transformation and change management are subtly different.

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    Business transformations have a significant impact on the business-as-usual activities of organisations. They will invariably impact processes and people considerably; however, they are necessary to keep up with technological advancements and changes in the macro environment.

    In this section, we identify some drivers for business transformation and discuss why the changes may be necessary.

    Cultural Transformation

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    A cultural transformation aims to change how employees behave, think and act. The endeavour is concerned with changing the current cultural norms. The changes are often targeted to improve the organisational culture

    Cultural transformation examples include the goal of developing a learning culture or a just culture. Or the objective could be to improve organisational attitudes to LGBTQ staff and can be required as a remedial action.

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    Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation

    involves the integration of new technology into organisations. It is often driven by the need to automate processes, improve communication or provide increased data that can be used to shape strategy.

    Digital transformation examples include customer relationship management software, mobile applications, IT upgrades such as cloud computing.

    Organisational Transformation

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    Organisational transformation is a strategic change intended to move the business from where it is now to an improved future state. The change initiatives usually are carried out using the application of change management processes. 

    Organisational transformation examples include organisational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, adding new strategic business units, and business turnaround.

    Business Process Transformation

    Business process transformation is concerned with reducing costs and creating efficiency and automation. There are several similarities with digital transformation regarding automated processes. 

    There is also a significant market for Lean six sigma services to create efficiency and reduce waste.

    Business process transformation examples include the removal of redundant process steps or implementation of a new quality management system.

    Strategic Planning

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