Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is often facilitated by external consultants that specialise in delivering this type of change  initiative. This is mainly due to the inherent risk involved, and we strongly recommend this approach to be successful. Imagine the consequences of losing access to IT systems or customer information due to an oversight from an employee.

    “Strategic Goal Management supports business owners with best practices and tailored digital transformation and change management approaches.


    Michael Vincent – Strategic Goal Management

    What is Digital


    Digital transformation

    Digital transformation is the integration of new technology into organisations. It is often driven by the need to automate processes, improve communication or provide increased data that can be used to shape strategy.

    SGMC business turnaround NorwichDigital transformation is developing into a niche consulting specialism where the consultant expert will advise the organisation on the best approaches to manage the risks and impact on business-as-usual activities.

    Why is Digital Transformation Necessary?

    Digital transformations can propel organisational process improvements, enhance customer experience, and provide metrics to track performance and shape strategy.

    To highlight an example of the organisational improvements that can be achieved through digital transformation, I have provided an example that I have managed personally.

    The Business State Now:

    Consider a facilities management company that services physical assets such as boilers or fire alarms by statutory regulations. If they still use paperwork to provide evidence that an inspection or service was carried out, there is a real issue when the paperwork is lost or not completed.

    This example is the current reality in some NHS hospitals, and the lack of modernisation reduces productivity and management oversight.

    Future Business State:

    The best practice in this example would be for all assets to have bar codes or QR codes scanned by engineers during every maintenance event. This can be easily achieved using a mobile phone or PDA with an asset management application that also creates electronic reports and geotags the location. Thus, providing real-time information to the client and the operations management team.

    Most reading the above will see the benefits of the future business state example that can be planned as a digital transformation change management project. However, getting from one business state to another is where the difficulty is. Professionals with experience in digital transformations should manage the process. The level of governance applied should be commensurate with the risk to the business.

    Digital Transformation Support

    We have a proven track record of achieving business excellence; we accelerate growth, deliver positive change, and develop leaders through coaching and mentoring. Key to our process is setting, tracking, and executing strategic business goals.

    We offer a free consultation to understand your organisation’s context, including the current goals, issues, and challenges.

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