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Business coaching can significantly enhance both individual and business performance. At Strategic Goal Management, we help you get to where you want to be using modern coaching techniques to remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Furthermore, we provide first class business mentoring and guidance from experts that have achieved tangible success in multiple business leadership roles.

This comprehensive business coaching guide is written by renowned UK business coach, Michael Vincent. The content designed to convey everything you need to know about working with a business coach and how it can help you and your business to achieve success.

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What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a service that coaches provide for people that want to succeed professionally. Whether you are a business owner, director, manager, or an individual that wants to fast-track your career, business coaching is a tool that can help you achieve outstanding results.

At the core of business coaching are goal-setting and strategic planning to provide a solid framework for a tailored coaching programme.

one to one business coaching case study

Business coaches provide excellent support and impartiality; we have no agenda other than your personal and business success.

If you work in senior leadership or are a business owner, you will know the truism of the phrase: ‘it’s lonely at the top.’ However, that can be different when you have a business coach you trust.

Your coach will work to get to know you and how your business operates and what you want to achieve. This information is required to tailor your individual coaching programme to achieve the best outcomes.

Depending on your coaches’ specific skillset, they may be sufficiently experienced to mentor you in the business skills, mindset and behaviours that are proven to produce positive results.

Business Coaching Near Me

Road to success through Career Coaching

If you searched for business coaching near me, you have come to the right place. Whether you are interested in face-to-face coaching, online video coaching or a blended business coaching programme, we have a package to suit your requirements.

The road to success for individuals can be challenging, but this is where our intervention helps. Our tailored business coaching programmes are developed to meet your needs as an individual to support the attainment of your personal and organisational goals. We have a record of delivering business coaching success to senior leaders, business owners and managers throughout the UK.

We have business coaching packages to suit all businesses and individuals looking to advance their careers.

Speak directly to a business coach today to find out more:

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The Right Business Coach for You

Michael Vincent: award winning Business Coach UK

Michael Vincent BA (Hons) CMgr FCMI, MInstLM, MAPM, Tech IOSH

Business Coach UK

As a renowned business coach based in the UK, I have a proven track record of helping people achieve their personal and business goals. I am not motivated by money or material things; knowing I make a genuine difference in people’s lives through coaching and mentoring gets me up in the morning.

When you succeed in your business from working with Strategic Goal Management, your success is my motivation. I am committed to bringing all my skills and knowledge to help you achieve your business dreams and unlock your best self.

I am a passionate and influential coach and mentor with significant expertise as a business leader in both the private and public sectors. I have achieved fantastic success in my career through application coaching, transformational leadership, strategic planning, and continuous professional development. I have a thorough understanding of diverse business functions and principles from my academic studies in leadership and management and business administration and my previous roles:

As Managing Director of an SME company in Essex, I delivered significant business growth with a company failing before my appointment but now achieves a multi-million-pound annual turnover.

As a Head of Operations at Pinnacle Power, I ran Europe’s largest district heating network, with a project value of circa £87m.

As an Operations Manager, I ran operations for Amazon at their most significant and complex delivery station in the UK network in London.

My uniqueness as a business coach is that I offer coaching and mentoring packages due to my experience and success as a coach and business leader. I know how hard it is at the top; it is sometimes lonely. However, I am the trusted coach and advisor of many a CEO, MD, and other senior leaders and managers.

As a career coach, I have successfully worked with individuals and supported them with gaining roles in organisations such as Barclays, Norwich FC, Norse Group, and Stagecoach and the HM Forces.

As a British Army veteran with nearly seventeen years of service in the Army Air Corps, this experience is where he honed and developed my leadership and management skills. Latterly, I was responsible for managing complex high-tempo operations, including Apache attack helicopter ground operations in the UK and internationally.

I am a Chartered Manager and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute with a first-class honour’s degree in Leadership and Management. Furthermore, I am a member of the Association for Project Management, the Institute of Leadership and Management, and a technical member of IOSH. I am currently studying for an MBA pathway.

Enough about me; I want to hear about you and your goals and what you want to achieve. Not sure if I am the right business coach for you? I am happy to meet you at your business location, or we can meet at my office or have a call or video free consultation to discuss your requirements. I ask that you look at our reviews and case studies; there is a consistent pattern of happy customers, glowing reviews and business success. We would love to have you and your business on board.

Unlock Your Potential

We have a genuine passion for helping people to succeed in business and life. We have a proven track record of developing people and helping them achieve personal and business success. Our coaching and mentoring services continue to be tremendously effective at unlocking potential.

Excellent value for money

Our business coaching and mentoring service is inexpensive but provides so much value to the people we support to achieve.

Free coaching and mentoring for Ex Military 

Michael Vincent -Business coach has achieved business success as a strategic leader

This service is free for Ex-military personnel transitioning from the military to civilian life. It is an honour to provide a free service to the people who have given us so much through their service. Our Managing Director undertakes this work personally, and he has successfully coached and mentored over twenty ex-service personnel into senior management and leadership roles in the last five years.

Develop the right mindset for success

We firmly believe nothing can stop you from succeeding if you have the right mindset, ambition, and drive. See our coaching and mentoring reviews below to understand what our customers think.

Proven results and very happy clients

If you want to improve your business, boost your career prospects, or want help obtaining a new management or leadership role, we are the company for you. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

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    What our customers say about our business coaching and mentoring:


    “From advice and guidance in my academic studies to mock interviews and coaching sessions on leadership. The information Michael provided is at an exceptional standard. His transparency and open approach give individuals the confidence that they can also succeed.”

    “Michael helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and the link to management best practices and achieving business goals. His support of my vision, coaching and mentoring has contributed to my becoming an Engineering Manager for a National transportation company. Highly recommend Strategic Goal Management Consulting Ltd.”

    “I was applying for a senior leadership role in the public sector, and I needed to brush up on business strategy before interviewing. Michael at Strategic Goal was brilliant, and he spent several hours teaching me how best to understand and do strategic planning. Suffice it to say I got the role!”

    “I continue to regularly use Michael and his company to this day for my own professional development. Michael and his company cannot come more highly recommended.”

    “I recently had the pleasure of working with Michael Vincent from Strategic Goal and I am extremely satisfied with the results. Not only did they take the time to get to know my business in and out, they also provided very valuable insights and guidance on how to improve our overall business strategy. Their coaching style was supportive and tailored to my needs, which made the process enjoyable and productive. I highly recommend Strategic Goal to any business owner looking to take their company to the next level and increase profitability.”

    “Michael at Strategic Goal is my business coach and mentor, based in Carbrooke Norfolk. I can honestly say that his coaching has enabled me to greatly improve as a senior manager and as a person. I am so much more positive and able to deal with issues more easily. Michael is an expert in business strategy, coaching and management intervention. He is also a passionate and charismatic person that really cares about my success. I unreservedly recommend Strategic Goal Management Consulting Ltd for individuals that want to be the best they can be.”

    “Michael has mentored me through the years, from a junior management position to far more senior positions, he has helped me see the wood from the trees and assisted me in keeping my goals clear and my career strategy at the forefront. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough to anyone wanting to achieve their strategic objectives and needing clear and concise ways of doing so.”

    Online Business Coach

    Online business coaching is a game-changer for both coaches and clients. Find out how it can help you achieve your goals without leaving your home or office.

    I currently coach several clients as part of my online coaching business because this suits their individual needs. Online coaching is becoming increasingly common. There are several benefits to this type of video coaching, such as:

    • No transport costs for client and coach
    • Reduces carbon footprint
    • Sessions can be delivered anywhere you have access to WiFi
    • A flexible option to have coaching sessions where you are most comfortable
    • Access to international coaches

    Online coaching can be delivered as part of a tailored coaching programme, where some sessions are face-to-face, and others are online. The flexibility of this type of business coaching is why it is so popular.

    At Strategic Goal Management, we offer online coaching as part of our tailored business and career coaching packages. If you want to undertake online coaching, contact us today.

    Our Business Coaching Success Stories

    Our Business Coaching Prices for 2024

    In person business coaching
    £100 per hour
    This coaching service is available either at my office or a location of your choice
    business coaching online
    £90 per hour
    A 10% Discount is available for booking batches of 10 coaching sessions or more
    Business COACHING Monthly RETAINERS
    £300 - £500
    Have a business coach on hand to support your company growth. This service is our most popular product.
    3 month programme is tailored to your unique business goals.
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    The Benefits of Working with a Business Coach

    Benefits of business coaching

    Your Business Coach can Help You Plan Strategically

    Strategic Goal Management Consulting logo


    One of my most important roles as a business coach is to help clients create long-term strategic plans that outline objectives and support business plans. Business coaches help identify and set realistic milestones to measure progress and motivate our clients. Our company is called Strategic Goal Management Consulting, and it is because setting and achieving personal and business goals is at the core of what we aim to provide our clients. We don’t just set goals. We develop strategic plans to help you execute and deliver the goals.

    Mentorship Supplements Business Coaching 

    Your coach can also be your business mentor; they may have business leadership experience that enhances your coaching sessions because they can help you learn from their and other people’s mistakes.

    As a former Managing Director, Service Delivery Director and Head of Operations, I have achieved tangible and noteworthy success as a senior business leader. I have vast experience running businesses at the strategic level, and consequently, my services as a mentor are often complimented by my clients; they know that I have been in their shoes.

    I know companies’ challenges in the current economic climate because I have experienced scaling business growth through a global pandemic. This knowledge can help my clients through stress, difficulty and financial hardship.

    Coaching Can Develop Your Leadership Skills

    leadership skills for business success


    Leadership is essential for all businesses to succeed. A crucial role of a business coach is helping teams develop strong leadership skills to ensure that you have the suitable skill set to manage people, teams and projects effectively. These skills within the organisation make it easier to deploy new ideas and manage change with less risk or disruption to business-as-usual activities.

    Coaches can deliver customised workshops, mentorships, and group discussions to help employees learn how to communicate better, handle difficult conversations confidently, solve problems collaboratively, and delegate responsibilities effectively.

    Your coach can teach you how to communicate effectively with colleagues, employees, customers, and other stakeholders while building trust and respect throughout the organisation.

    Improve Work Performance with Business Coaching

    business coaching excellence


    A business coach can help you identify gaps in performance levels within your company and assist in developing initiatives that will improve employee productivity. One such vehicle for this is by conducting a training needs analysis.

    We can help use current industry trends and our expertise to build personal development plans tailored to your unique needs and can implement the same process for key staff members.

    Business Coaching can Reframe Problems into Opportunities for Improvement

    change management


    As a business coach I can assist you with understanding the causes and consequences of business issues and providing guidance on how to address them. Coaches provide an outside, unbiased perspective that can help identify solutions that could be more obvious from inside the company. Moreover, finding the problems should be seen as an opportunity to improve the business rather than a negative issue. Focusing on continuous business improvement and learning lessons is far more beneficial than toxic blame for individuals that make mistakes. Key to my process is to work with businesses to improve by developing a learning culture.

    Coaching for Your Business can Create Strategies for Growth


    Coaching can also help business owners create strategies for efficient growth to reach their desired goals quickly. In my previous role as an MD my digital marketing and SEO strategy enabled us to beat our competition both nationally and locally for the key services that we offered. This gambit lead to a huge increase in web sales and turnover.

    Business Coaching can Boost Financial Performance

    business health check


    Sound financial management is essential for the success and growth of business enterprises. Opportunities for cost reductions and revenue generation are always available but need to be identified and acted upon quickly before they disappear or multiply into more significant problems later. Business coaches have experience with this type of analysis and can advise on strategies for managing cash flow more effectively and reducing overhead costs successfully. Furthermore, we have established networks of trusted partners that we can recommend for services such as HR, health and safety and accounting.

    Business Coaching can Enhance Your Networking Possibilities 

    The top ten reasons to use a business coach


    A successful business requires good connections and internal and external relationships (customers) to generate maximum returns or success. We are well-versed in building networks through introductions and referrals, which opens up new opportunities for our clients across multiple industries.

    Your Coach and Mentor can help you with Marketing StrategiesDigital marketing-google analytics


    Creating effective marketing strategies is critical in today’s competitive environment as it could mean the difference between success and failure depending on the market conditions. Having an experienced advisor who understands the most efficient ways to reach potential customers and how to conduct robust analysis of your competitors.

    I have the experience required to help companies maximise their connections with the right audience at minimal cost while yielding desired sales results.  A coach with a good background understanding of digital marketing such as myself will be an invaluable resource to utilise as required.

    Business Coaching Programmes

    Executive coaching

    Strategic Goal Management is an excellent choice for your business coaching programme for so many reasons. We are committed to excellence and have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. We have collaborated with numerous businesses across different industries, helping them define clear goals, develop actionable plans, and drive tangible outcomes. We provide tried-and-tested methodologies tailored to your specific business requirements to ensure you benefit from our extensive knowledge. 

    We understand that each business is unique, with its challenges, goals, and aspirations. Our coaching programme is personalised to meet your specific needs. We invest time to understand your business thoroughly, allowing us to provide targeted guidance and support that maximises your potential for success. You can trust us to offer customised strategies and solutions that align with your vision and objectives.

    £1200 three month programme
    This unique programme is tailored to your unique business requirements and personal goals.
    Book today

    What is the Difference Between Coaching & Mentoring?

    Small business coaching being undertaken onsite by one of our coaches.

    “Coaching guides people on their goals and aspirations and tries to unlock maximum potential.”

    “Mentoring is passing on knowledge, expertise, and experience to develop the individual.”

    Michael Vincent – Business Coach – Strategic Goal Management Consulting

    This section has been added because some business coaches only provide motivation and mindset training. We are certainly not writing off the effectiveness of this type of business coaching. However, a mixture of coaching and mentoring is more effective for leaders.

    Our business coaches have all held senior leadership roles and consequently have expertise and experience to pass on that is directly relevant, and business focused.

    What Kind of Organisations Benefit from Business Coaching?

    Become a better business owner

    The short answer is simple; most company types can benefit from business coaching. Primarily this is because the coaching processes are tailored to fit the organisation and the individual being coached.

    For example, at Strategic Goal Management Consulting, I coach a COO of a large logistics company, several small business owners, managing directors, and several people for career coaching. These coaching packages are excellent value, and all our clients are happy with our coaching services.

    Why is Business Coaching Important?

    Business coaching importance

    Business coaching is necessary because it creates a new level of performance and productivity in the workplace. It’s not just about productivity, either. With a coach as an accountability partner, your staff are more likely to achieve their goals, work better towards critical objectives and hold themselves accountable for the results.

    A business coach can also help your team develop better communication strategies, learn problem-solving techniques, adopt effective leadership practices and foster collaboration among members.

    Is Business Coaching Worth It?

    The short answer is yes; business coaching is worth the investment. The excellent feedback that we receive from clients is a testament to this. Our coaching has made our clients more profitable and happy working in their businesses with our support. We are sure that we will give you the contact details of our clients to provide testimonials for us.

    Most of the empirical research on coaching shows it to be effective. The studies have been rigorous with most designs incorporating a control vs. training group to determine the unique effect of executive coaching on job performance (De Haan & Duckworth, 2013).

    Source: CKJU.Net

    What is Executive Coaching?

    Executive coaching is a powerful tool that helps senior business leaders reflect on and develop their abilities, enabling them to become more successful in their chosen field. By working one-on-one with an experienced coach, executive coaching can provide unique insights and strategies to help executives develop personally and professionally.

    During executive coaching sessions, our experienced coaches work with individuals to develop the required skills for excelling in their chosen field by identifying areas that need improvement and providing the tools necessary for success. With the help of your coach, executives learn to overcome obstacles and become more confident, productive and effective professionals.

    hitting your business goals

    Executive coaching allows individuals to enhance job performance, build leadership skills and increase self-awareness. By guiding leaders through difficult decisions and providing skilled feedback on their development process, executive coaches help executives succeed in various areas.

    Small Business Coaching

    Top consulting company for small businesses as recommended by Clutch

    Looking for expert guidance to take your small business to new heights? Our small business coaching services are designed to provide targeted support and strategies to help you overcome challenges and achieve remarkable growth. With our experienced team of business coaches, we understand the unique dynamics and demands of running a small business.

    We work closely with you to identify your specific goals, develop actionable plans, and provide valuable insights to enhance your business acumen. Whether you’re a startup or an established small business, our comprehensive coaching approach empowers you to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and unlock your full potential.

    At, Strategic Goal Management we specialise in small business coaching, catering to the specific needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners. We recognise that running a small business comes with its own set of challenges, such as limited resources, tight budgets, and time constraints.

    Our small business coaching programme is tailored to address these unique circumstances, providing practical solutions and strategies to maximise your productivity, optimise operations, and boost profitability. From refining your business model to developing effective marketing strategies, our expert coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve sustainable success in today’s competitive business landscape.

    What do you Want to achieve from Business Coaching?

    Road to success through coaching


    You’ll need to identify what you want to achieve from the business coaching sessions so that I can tailor our meetings to best suit your needs and the needs of your business. Nothing too heavy for the initial consultation, just an understanding of what you want to achieve and where you want to go with your career and business.

    Set Up an Initial Coaching Consultation Call

    business consultant - business coaching


    Before signing up with your business coach, you should set up an initial consultation call with them. This is an essential step in ensuring that the collaboration between you and your coach will be mutually beneficial. Your consultation call should include exchanging information about each other’s experience and background and discussing what you can expect to achieve together. Your coach should also provide tips on staying organised so that you can stay on track during the collaboration process.

    Prepare Questions for the Coach in Advance

    preparing questions for coaching session


    When you’re ready for a consultation call with your business coach, you should come up with questions beforehand. This will help you get the most out of your conversation with them and ensure that your needs are appropriately addressed. Some good questions include how they approach their coaching style, what their successful clients have in common, and what tips they suggest for implementing changes quickly. By understanding how your coach works and setting clear expectations of each other, you can hit the ground running on the right foot.


    For further insights into the world of business coaching, leadership and management consulting, see the resources below or listen on our Spotify podcast channel. 

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      Frequently Asked Questions about Business Coaching in the UK 

      Business coaching can provide you with guidance, support, and accountability, helping you gain clarity, develop effective strategies, overcome challenges, and accelerate your professional growth and success.

      I have experience working with clients across various sectors, including retail, logistics, technology, construction, marketing, and professional services. My coaching principles can be applied to businesses in any industry.

      The coaching process typically involves an initial consultation to understand your goals and challenges, followed by regular one-on-one coaching sessions either in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing. We work together to identify areas for improvement and develop actionable strategies.

      There are several ways that I can provide business coaching sessions, my favourite is face to face coaching, but this is not always possible. This is why I offer online coaching sessions at a reduced rate because of the cost savings of not travelling. However, I deliver coaching sessions from my office, online, clients’ work places and occasionally in a pub or restaurant.

      The great thing is I will tailor my package to suit your individual needs.

      Business Coaching Fees in the UK: The expense of engaging a business coach in the UK varies, with one-on-one sessions typically priced between £75 and £500 per hour. Executive coaches can charge as much as £2,000 per hour. Group sessions are usually priced at £50 to £250 per person. This pricing was last updated on Oct 02, 2023.

      Insights into working with a business coach UK