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SEO copywriting can add value to your business by eloquently describing your products and services and providing information freely that can establish trust with clients. It combines technical SEO elements with creative writing that helps bring traffic to your website.

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What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a branch of SEO that focuses on writing compelling content that answers questions and solves problems.

There’s a reason why people don’t read the instruction manual when they get their new phone. It’s not because they don’t want to know how it works; reading those manuals is time-consuming and tedious.

As you write for search engines, remember that your audience is likely like these people. They want the information they need and nothing else. Your copy must be engaging for humans and machines. Optimising its performance on both fronts can achieve great results, such as increasing orders.

Compelling SEO Copywriting

Writing compelling copy takes time and effort. You need to know your audience, what they want to learn, and what they want to buy. You may be tempted to cut corners by using templates or stock photos, but these shortcuts will only hurt your SEO efforts in the long run. If you want your content to stand out from the crowd and drive traffic back to your site, check on the quality.

Here are some tips for creating SEO friendly copy:

  • Keep sentences short and use familiar words when possible; this will help your readers understand what you’ve written easier than long paragraphs filled with unfamiliar terminology.
  • Use active voice instead of passive voice; this makes writing more personal and engaging.
  • Use specific examples rather than general terms whenever possible; this helps make your text more relatable while avoiding clichés.
  • Include keywords without making them seem obvious or forced (e.g., using synonyms).
  • make sure that the copy is produced in accordance with your company branding

Research to drive traffic, clicks and leads to your site

When writing your copy, you should always consider how it will be used on your website.

Research what people are searching for, use Google Analytics to understand the audience who visits your site and then use keyword research tools to find the right keywords.

Conduct some research into what people are talking about online. Use search engines like Google or Bing and social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn to find out what people are discussing concerning your business area of expertise (if relevant).

Understand your competitors

Competitive analysis is a significant part of developing a winning strategy for your copywriting efforts. Below are some ways we suggest you use to gain market insight into your competition.

  • Who is your biggest competitor?
  • How do they compare to you?
  • What makes them successful?
  • How can you leverage that in your copywriting?
  • Understand the market
  • What are people looking for online when they search for products or services like yours? 
  • Do they use keywords and phrases specific to your industry or general ones like “best” or “top-rated”? 
  • Do these terms bring up results from other businesses in the same industry as yours, or do they bring up many irrelevant results like unrelated websites and videos (known as organic search)? 
  • How many times per month do people who come across one of these pages click on another result instead of buying something immediately?

If you want to win you must be prepared to out the effort in

  • What percentage leave after seeing just one page? This can help determine whether customers have an attention span long enough for someone else’s website to show up before deciding whether it’s worth their time checking out any further.
  • Understand the customer: How does their experience differ from those who buy from competitors?
  • This would cause them not only to go with someone else but also to forget about purchasing altogether due to frustration caused by poor service.
  • Understand the business goals: Where does the revenue come primarily from – organic traffic versus paid advertising spends?
  • Use it as a keyword research tool and enter your target keywords into Google’s search engine to see what people are searching for.
  • You can also find similar keywords by running a few searches with different combinations of words from those domains that you would like to rank higher on Google’s SERP, such as “best SEO copywriting services” or “best SEO copywriting agency” 
  • Make sure you answer all customers’ questions about your products or service. This will help improve engagement, which in turn will help boost conversions and sales!

Do you need a copywriter to maximise the effectiveness of your website content?

You should hire a specialist SEO copywriter to create the best content for your website. It’s not just about using keywords; many other factors go into making excellent copy. Your copy should be engaging, informative, and persuasive so that people will want to read more of it and click through your links when they see them.

Strategic Goal Management has written several pages for our clients that are currently number one in the Google rankings; we understand what is necessary to rank organically for the products or services you offer.

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