Presenting & Public Speaking

Presenting and public speaking are essential for communicating eloquently in all aspects of life, from business to social events. The confidence and ability to deliver well under pressure are sought-after skills that can be honed and developed.

It is sometimes expected that organisational leaders and managers should be able to present and speak publicly as part of their roles. However, they can rarely do this well, and often people need help developing these skills.

Some individuals are even held back in their careers due to a lack of ability to communicate verbally and effectively.

    Need someone to present or speak at an event?

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    Strategic Goal Management can provide speakers for business events where our expertise will add value. We can present and speak about the subject on this website, so please get in touch if you want compelling and charismatic speakers. 

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    Help with Presenting

    When it comes to presenting, the delivery is everything, and you often only get one chance to nail it. We can help you with all aspects of presenting with best practice guidance, and we can review and watch rehearsals.

    We can cover this specialism off ad part of our business coaching package.

    Help with Public Speaking

    Public speaking can be a challenge even for some CEOs, and it is common for senior leaders to undertake training in this regard to enhance their performance.

    Public speaking can be coached; you have all seen the King’s Speech, right?

    In all seriousness, we can provide a bespoke package to help you confidently deliver when public speaking as part of our coaching and mentoring services.