Health and Safety 

Health and safety compliance is not only essential for the well-being of your employees but is also a legal requirement. 

On this page, we explain why compliance is the law and how it impacts you as an employer and what you can do to ensure that your business achieves health and safety compliance.

    What is health and safety compliance?

    Health and safety compliance is the process of ensuring you meet your industry’s legal requirements.

    A comprehensive plan is essential, as it will help you avoid any fines or penalties from regulatory bodies.

    How do you achieve health and safety compliance?

    To achieve health and safety compliance, you need to:

    • Understand the law
    • Understand your responsibilities
    • Have a signed and up-to-date health and safety policy
    • Have the correct safety procedure and equipment
    • Train your staff
    • Have the correct procedures in place
    • Ensure that you have adequate supervision in place and effective control measures for activities that are higher risk
    • Seek expert help if in doubt
    • Report accidents and near misses
    • Ensure that competent persons for all workplace activities complete risk assessments

    Why is compliance important?

    Compliance is essential because it ensures employees’ health, safety, and welfare. It protects the environment by ensuring that your business complies with laws, regulations, and standards, including:

    ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    ISO 45001:2018 is the international standard for occupational health and safety. This ISO is valuable to organisations because it shows that the company operates to high safety standards. Gaining certification for ISO45001 can improve HSE compliance in your workplace, which will help to control and reduce risks. 

    The added benefit is that the certification can open doors for new businesses as you will present much less risk to other companies (particularly in the construction industry). Furthermore, ISO45001 certification will benefit your business when submitting bids for competitive tenders. 

    Strategic Planning
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    We help organisations achieve compliance

    We can help you achieve compliance and health and safety certifications such as:

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