About the Client:

Kane Cosier – Engineering Manager – Stagecoach Southeast

As Engineering Manager at Stagecoach Southeast, I manage the engineering department, overseeing, supporting, and advising engineers, cleaners, and administration personnel to ensure all the fleet’s buses are safe, reliable, clean and on the road daily. I am dedicated to achieving the company’s strategic objectives, improving engineers professional development, and increasing KPIs with efficient management and engineering practices while maintaining high standards of maintenance and performance.

One to one coaching and mentoring

Business Coaching and Mentoring

I have been coaching and mentoring Kane throughout his journey from Network Rail to Stagecoach. Together we have been developing management skills and competencies whilst also preparing him for leadership roles in the long term.

Our coaching sessions are normally delivered via video calls on a monthly basis, however I am always available to my clients for support as they need it on the phone.

As a trusted advisor and mentor, my advice is impartial and always links back to the strategic goals that we have set at the start to ensure that all actions have strategic intent.

Kane’s current role managing a complex and fast paced operations has led to us discussing operational efficiency measures, lean processes and key performance indicators.

Due to my previous experience managing Apache helicopter operations and the busiest depot in the Amazon network, I am uniquely placed to provide mentoring as well as coaching for Kane.


  • 35% increase in employee engagement
  • 20.8% Saving on effective cost management
  • 38.9% Increase in productivity

What Kane said about us:

Michael has coached and mentored me through my progression from Engineer to Engineering Manager, developing and increasing my management and leadership knowledge, skill, and professional development. Micheal has supported the development of my competence in leading and managing teams and developing strategic plans, techniques and models that have been successful throughout my career. Michael helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and the link to management best practices and achieving business goals. His support of my vision, coaching and mentoring has contributed to my becoming an Engineering Manager for a National transportation company. Highly recommend Strategic Goal Management Consulting Ltd.

Kane Cosier – Engineering Manager -Stagecoach Southeast

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