About the Client:

Russell Askew – Contract Manager – Annual Contract Value of Circa £10m

Russell is an accomplished and high-achieving senior manager bringing 14+ years’ experience in successfully managing projects, facilities and logistics. Motivated and results-focused with a proven track record of achieving excellent results in high tempo and complex operational environments. Leads by example to ensure the delivery of high-quality output from teams, as reflected in promotions and career progression to date.

Currently responsible as the Contract Manager with an annual contract value of circa £10m.

Business Coaching with Strategic Goal Management

Career Coaching

I have had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring Russell for a number of years and I have seen him develop into a fantastic and capable leader. However, my scope changed in the short term from business coaching to career coaching because Russell was looking to apply for a new role.

The chosen new position represented an excellent opportunity for Russell and I was tasked with helping him prepare his CV, research of the company and interview preparation. 

All of which successfully helped Russell to secure his new role as Contract Manager for a large facilities management company, running a contract with worth circa 10m annually.


  • Successfully secured new role 

What the client said about us:


Please describe your company and position.

I am a Contract Manager for a large facilities management company in Norwich, Norfolk

Describe what your company does in a single sentence.

Facilities Management


What specific goals or objectives did you hire Strategic Goal Managment Consulting to accomplish?

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Career Improvement
  • Obtaining New Role

How did you find Strategic Goal Management Consulting?

  • I have worked with the owner previously

Why did you select Strategic Goal Managment Consulting over others?

  • Michael has coached and mentored me for a number of years, its was the obvious choice
  • High ratings
  • Close to my geographic location

Describe the scope of work in detail. Please include a summary of key deliverables.

Michael from Strategic Goal Management successfully prepared me for finding a new role for my career. His advice and guidance was critical in helping me to secure my new position. I really enjoy our regular coaching sessions and I have found the service to be first-rate and of massive benefit to myself individually and to my company.


What were the measurable outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

  • Obtain new position
  • Ongoing Business coaching and mentoring

Describe their project management. Did they deliver items on time? How did they respond to your needs?

Fantastic project management from the company, all milestones have been met. Strategic Goal listened to my requirements and then we worked on a plan to achieve the goals through business coaching sessions. My needs have 100% been met.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

The business knowledge and the firm understanding of strategic planning for personal and business success.

I highly recommend this company as professional and quality service for individuals and businesses that have important goals that they want to achieve.

Russell Askew – Contract Manager 

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