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I see Tangible Progress from Coaching Daily

As a business coach, what I love about one-to-one coaching is the tangible progress I see daily from working with my clients. The incremental gains help to build confidence and self-esteem through the attainment milestones.

I regularly receive calls from clients updating me on their progress outside of coaching sessions. It heartens me to see their success and the genuine joy it brings.

I Feel Good About Helping People Solve Problems Through One to One Coaching

During one-to-one coaching sessions, I hear about problems regularly. I ask my clients to focus on the positive actions to fix the issues. Consequently, personal and professional growth can be attained through the process.

By framing problems as opportunities, I can often help change the negative mindset of people who dwell on negativity and mistakes. All of which can become toxic and corrosive to self-esteem, confidence and well-being.

As a One to One Business Coach, I am a Trusted Confidant 

One to One business coaching

Confidentiality is one of the critical aspects of one-to-one coaching; as a coach, I am a trusted, impartial advisor. Being external to the organisation means I have no political allegiances in the business; thus, my advice is unbiased.

I Get To See People Succeed Through One to One Coaching Sessions

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I have always been a person that enjoys watching others succeed. Success is often subjective, but not when it is achieved through strategic planning and goal setting because the success is targeted.

As a business coach, I’m fortunate to work with great people, and I love the part I play in unlocking their true potential.

I Enjoy Seeing Clients Taking Accountability

Mindset and better decisions through one to one coaching

It is your business or career, and you are accountable for success and failure. Therefore It is pleasing when clients take accountability for their actions and, in particular, stop blaming others for their shortcomings. Because when this happens, you can become truly capable of achieving your strategic goals.

A good business coach must hold people accountable; this can be difficult if the coach does not have sufficient gravitas or moral courage to give negative feedback. Sometimes a coach needs to get the client back on track when they still need to complete the actions they agreed to.

Positive Feedback From One to One Coaching Motivates Me as a Coach

Feedback works both ways, and I am pleased to say that most of my feedback is overwhelmingly positive. I must ask the client if I can do anything to improve the one-to-one coaching sessions to improve and grow as a coach.

One To One Coaching Makes a Difference in Peoples’s Lives

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Through my coaching sessions, I have significantly impacted the people I coach. In some cases, this could be through helping them to achieve success in their businesses.

In other examples, I have helped individuals reach the next career step through promotion.

Furthermore, my work helping ex-forces for free during their transition from the military has always brought me great joy to see them succeed.

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